L A N D S C A P I N G  Y O U R  V I V A R I U M


After you have put the pump and the heater in the vivarium, and placed the spray bar and electric wiring behind the Cocos Panel®, it is time to landscape the vivarium.


01 - Soak the peat bricks for
a couple of hours in pure water.






02 - Place the filter and the heater on a place where you can easily reach it from outside


03 - Now you must choose the place where the bypass should be located.






04 - Prepare the valve ...


... by cutting away both openings till the screw thread.





05 - Now sand the thread till it fits
in the elbow 12 mm.


06 - Place the bypass on a place where you can easily reach it.





07 - Now you can start landscaping with the peat bricks. Saw the peat bricks in the shape you want.


08 - Make a kind of bridge from peat; here under you hide the heater and the filter.





09 - Stick the peat bricks together with sate sticks ...


...  and cut them.





10 - Now put the oak wood waterfall on the peat bricks ...


... and drill 3 mm holes in the oak wood. Use the same sate sticks to fasten the oak to the Cocos Panels.





11 - Prepare the valve of the waterfall (same as no. 04)
and attach some piping and
elbows 12 mm till you have
reached the exact place for
the waterfall.






12 - Use the moss to cover both valves ...


... and the rest of the land part.




Finally it is time to start planting.
We hope this has inspired you to make a beautiful vivarium.
All the supplies we used are available via our “Supplies Online” pages.


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