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We made a new green wall in Europe,
Watch the clip on you tube. Anything for you?
We can make it outside in tropical countries.
Just imagine on a skyscraper of 200 meters high!!







Power point presentation
See the results of the creation of a green wall as a power point presentation. download







Movie misting system
Watch now our misting system in action on you tube and look how the animals react. They love the mist!!







Combined nozzle complete

With 2 nozzle’s that you can turn around in every direction, but now you only have to make one hole. Guaranteed with our superior “no drip” nozzle’s you can reach every corner of your vivarium.







We have new parts
We have new parts for our Basic Misting System. Now you can assemble a complete nozzle yourself. All parts are smaller, so your Nozzle looks nicer.

sch046: Connector for nozzle
sch047: In to turn pieces
sch048: Bulk head connector
sch049: T4mm



We have a brand new all black complete nozzle
with finer couplings and with a no drip function.
This will take care that there is no “after dripping” when
the pump is shut off.











N E W !

Now we have beautiful tree fern panels in!

The natural alternative for artificial backgrounds.
Very long lasting and a perfect vertical biological filter.
Tropical moss will sprout out because the spores are
still in the material.

Give your vivarium a natural outlook with this material.







Incubators “breed your own animalseasy to use”

One of the most interesting aspects of herp keeping is breeding the animals. The Egg-0-Bator is the perfect incubator for the first breeding success and offers
everything necessary for the beginning.



The popular Herp Nursery II - now with more space for your eggs! Up to 24 cricket boxes will now fit into the Herp Nursery II



Hachrite is a specially formulated breeding substrate for reptile eggs which already has the right substrate humidity. It is ready to use and no water has to be added.







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A brand new product  from Vivaria Projects

Oxy-active Liquid

Sterilises your vivarium or aquarium of all possible bacteria, viruses, worms, algae etc.
Get at last rid of foul smelling Algae.
Prevent re contamination of your animals through worms in the vivarium.
Clean your vivarium when you had a bacterial disease before introducing new animals.
No harmful residues left in the vivarium after applying the product.

Remove all animals and plants
before using Oxy-Active Liquid !

Read instructions carefully
before using the product!

Contains H2O2
(hydrogen peroxide)












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